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The Drinkwell ‘Ceramic’ Lotus Fountain

This fountain has some nice features, to be sure. I like the mechanism for adjusting the flow and the water falls nicely from the upper bowl to the lower, at least so long as the gasket on which the upper bowl sits, lasts.

I found the pump to be too noisy and the process for taking it apart and cleaning it much too involved. They advertise a sponge filter, which it does indeed have, but they say it needs to be replaced every 2 to 4 weeks and that it is not necessary.However, they do use this as a selling point.

To take it apart for putting in the dishwasher you remove the inner pieces, disconnect the pump cord from the transformer, loosen the nut on the bottom of the bowl, pull the pump out, remove the plastic tube the cord goes down through and the plastic clip which holds it in place. To reassemble you reverse that process. More than most people will want to go through every week.

It’s main drawback though is the considerable plastic components which have been proven to give cats chin acne – a nasty disease you definitely do not want to expose your cat to. Whether from the plastic itself or from the inevitable scratches which will accrue and which harbor bacteria, plastic is not good material for pets food and drinking bowls. Ceramic – all ceramic – is best, such as those found I make and sell at


Cat Fights

Woke up this morning (about 4:30) to the sound of a cat fight. It was my “artist not a fighter” Bijou facing off a large black cat never seen before. It was vicious.  Screaming, howling, battling, tearing into one another. I could just see from the vantage of my bedroom window, then went down for a closer look.

It was hard going all around. They seemed equal and equally unwilling either to give up or to completely dominate. But this is Bijou’s territory so the duty for mastery was his to achieve.  Don’t know how my being there (I encouraged him, verbally but it didn’t seem right to completely interfere) affected the outcome. They scuffled more (Bijou came in with claw marks on his face and body and black hair in his claws) and the other cat made a slow if very willing retreat.

But it took its toll on Bijou. He was hurt. Not in any physical way that required medical attention, but somehow, perhaps in spirit, perhaps in exhaustion and he behaved differently. He lay on the carpet, contained, not giving up anything. With calling he came up on my lap and by and by he purred and seemed ok but he was not quite himself. He ate but not much and returned to his exclusive, by-myself-leave me alone posture.

So happens Jackie was under the weather. She carried him up, bodily, to the bedroom where they both spent most of the day, he purring and she delighted to have him so. I think he is ok. In fact, I believe he just went out.

New Designs for Fountains

We continue to refine our fountains, both for feline hydration as well as home decor and we believe that cat drinking fountain should contribute to your home decor as much as to your cats’ health. It should absolutely not be made of plastic but rather ceramics and it should be as enjoyable to see as any of your favorite art items.

Thrown on the wheel by me (Keith) and then hand-built by Jackie, here is a fountain that I believe deserves prominence in your home and should be available to your cats.  Here is a video of it.

The Cat Tap – a Video

To see how the new design of the Cat Tap works, check out this video.

Cats & Moving Water

I may have mentioned this before but given the importance of the issue, a little redundancy may be a good thing. Why is it important? Because cats are very vulnerable to kidney failure due to lack of hydration. They tend not to drink enough yet this need not be the case.  The fact is, cats are not attracted to a still pool of water.

In nature the safest water is moving water that the sun shines on. Still water harbors dangerous bacteria, becomes stagnant and foul so cats are hardwired to seek moving water. They also are attracted to the visual and aural stimulation moving water provides. Almost every time I set up a new fountain for testing in my home Bijou goes straight to it. In this link he is drinking from something I call the Drinkbetter design.

Free Fountain Giveaway

Want to win a free fountain like the one below? Floppycats and I are doing a free giveaway. Click the image to go to the site where this is taking place.

Free Fountain Giveaway