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A New Fountain Design – Click to Watch

New Fountain Design Prototype

This is the first attempt at a new fountain design using both enameled and unenameled copper, shown here in its rough form. That is, not cleaned of solder or oxidation.

Copper Fountain Prototype

It is comprised of a copper ‘flower’ that has been enameled (glass fused to metal at 1500F, soldered to a copper stem with three copper ‘leaves’ on smaller diameter stems. Water falls from the flower into the top leaf and on down into the other two and into the bowl. I will use this model, noting what to keep and what to change to make the next, in which I hope to resolve all the issues, which are primarily aesthetic as it does work well.

Future versions will have all copper with no enamel and others will have the flower and the leaves enameled to harmonize with the particular fountain bowl they will go with. This design is not likely to become a cat fountain, although people have requested the water falling from copper leaf to leaf design. We’ll see.



Copper Cat Tap

Having discovered the benefits of copper in drinking water  (see this link:

 I have begun adding more copper components to my fountains. You can see these at In fact, most of my fountains have at least a copper spout. Copper will not corrode in water or air and in fact is an antimicrobial which helps purify water – thus its use in ancient times and in high scale home building.

Above is the 1 Cat Cat Tap and below is the 2 Cat Cat Tap.

Note that these are handmade from pure copper and that the solder is lead-free. Great for the countless cats who like to drink from the tap. You can see these and other copper elements in my fountains at

The Cat Tap – a Video

To see how the new design of the Cat Tap works, check out this video.

One of the Most Popular Fountain Designs

Shown below is one the most requested fountains designs I’ve made. It can have the usual indoor fountain pump or, as this one has, a larger pump with a heavier cable and a three prong plug for outdoor use (which can be used with an adapter in a 2 prong outlet indoors).

A Very Populat Fountain Design

Water spills from three places on the inner ceramic waterflower with the most delightful sounds which you can vary by adjusting the volume of water in the fountain bowl or by adjusting the pump. (The flow level is adjustable on all the pumps I use.)

I think the reason this fountain design is so popular is because it is really good for cats – they can drink from the three streams of falling water and from the bowl and because it is really a fine piece for home decor – the sights, the sounds…All so enjoyable.

Like all my fountains, the pump can be replaced (by removing the plug, loosening the nut on the feedthrough and pulling out the cable), yet the cord passes through the base of the fountain, not over the rim.

For whatever reason I hadn’t made any of this design for quite a while, in spite of the demand for them. Got caught up in other designs and design attempts I guess. But I do have several in the works which should be ready soon. Check my cat fountains shop to see when they are available.