The Drinkwell ‘Ceramic’ Lotus Fountain

This fountain has some nice features, to be sure. I like the mechanism for adjusting the flow and the water falls nicely from the upper bowl to the lower, at least so long as the gasket on which the upper bowl sits, lasts.

I found the pump to be too noisy and the process for taking it apart and cleaning it much too involved. They advertise a sponge filter, which it does indeed have, but they say it needs to be replaced every 2 to 4 weeks and that it is not necessary.However, they do use this as a selling point.

To take it apart for putting in the dishwasher you remove the inner pieces, disconnect the pump cord from the transformer, loosen the nut on the bottom of the bowl, pull the pump out, remove the plastic tube the cord goes down through and the plastic clip which holds it in place. To reassemble you reverse that process. More than most people will want to go through every week.

It’s main drawback though is the considerable plastic components which have been proven to give cats chin acne – a nasty disease you definitely do not want to expose your cat to. Whether from the plastic itself or from the inevitable scratches which will accrue and which harbor bacteria, plastic is not good material for pets food and drinking bowls. Ceramic – all ceramic – is best, such as those found I make and sell at


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