It’s Catching On

Customers are telling their vets about our cat drinking fountains, vets are telling their clients about the value of cat fountains, people are telling one another and it is quite obvious to me that a great many more cat owners are aware of the value of ceramic cat drinking fountains than was the case even a few months ago.

A Customer's Cat Enjoying One of Our Fountains

Sales have almost doubled since March of this year with each month showing a significant increase. Of course, this isn’t happening all by itself. Jackie and I work at this about 80 hrs/week, 7 days a week. Further, it took 6 years of research and development to come up with the best products, materials and techniques for creating truly attractive, healthful, food-safe cat fountains.

I am deeply familiar with every fountain pump available in America, including all the imports and I know which are the best and what makes them so. I have pending patents on several innovations used in the creation of these fountains and with Jackie’s ornamentation ability and my background in creating gardens we are able to present a product that is far above the competition in both functionality and aesthetically while being much easier to set up and to maintain. Hard work, and lots of it, along with some innate talent and lots of experience is why we are at the forefront of this industry, but the reason this industry exists is and is growing is, quite simply, because of the cats.

People love their cats and it has finally become widely known that cats prefer, need and will thrive with moving water. It was our cat who led us into this industry (I made indoor fountains and found him using them all the time so did some research) and it is other people’s cats who are keeping us in it.

Not Only Fresh, Oxygenated Water, Entertainment Too - From Another Customer




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