Brushing Your Cats’ Teeth

Unless your cat is crunching through bones and tearing into muscle meat his teeth are not getting cleaned, his gums are receding and he is well on the road to gingivitis. He looses his teeth and he’s on a diet of mush.

Bijou at the home dentist

This, perhaps, is the only justification for feeding our cats dry food – kibble. It does help clean his teeth – but it is not the answer to healthy teeth and gums, the vets all tell us. Brushing is. How often? At least every other day or don’t bother at all, Martin Zucker tells us in his book on natural remedies for cats.

But how do you brush your cat’s teeth? Actually, it’s not that hard. Hold him gently but firmly and pry open his jaws.

Gently open his mouth

Use a tooth brush designed for cats – available from any vet or pet store, and a tooth paste made for cats. See the last image.

Be sure to brush the front and rear teeth (fortunately, cats don’t have a lot of teeth), both sides of his mouth.

If your cat has the beginning of gingivitis, gums will be red and raw looking), daily brushing will stop the decline and restore health to his gums and teeth. We only recently learned of all this so are on a program of getting Bijou back to good dental health.

Brushing his back teeth

At first Bijou was really resistant to having his teeth brushed but he pretty much takes it as a matter of course now.

It helps in this to reward him after the brushing with something he likes. Though not crazy about having his teeth brushed, he loves  to have his body brushed so he gets a nice vigorous brushing after his teeth brushing.

Within moments the teeth cleaning is forgotten

Below is the tooth paste and brush our vet recommended. There are others.

Chicken flavored tooth paste for cats


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  1. Thanks for an entertaing read today. Cat brushes are particularly important at this time of year as cats are shedding their winter fur.

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