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Giving Culture To Your Cat

Want a novel way to please, entertain and add culture to your cats’ life? Give them music. Cats, in fact, love music and are very attuned to quality of sound. The composers, Henri Sauguet, Ravel, Rossini, Reynaldo Hahn and many others have noted this quality in cats.

Kitten excited by the sounds coming from an old phonograph

In the nineteenth certury, the famous harpist, Mlle Dupuy, felt she owed a fair portion of her success to her cat. When she played a piece her cat was familiar with the cat either purred or cried, according to the quality of her playing.  She altered her playing accordingly.

Recognizing how much she owed to her cat, when she died she bequeathed her cat a house in town and another in the country and left a substantial income to several personal friends so they would willing look after her most singular heir.

From my own experience, whenever I used to pick up the guitar my beloved dog would leave the room (and I play fairly well). Canines, unlike felines, hate music, as Jack London has so well demonstrated in his various novels. Our cat, Tiffany, on the other hand, came and sat at my me side, purred  and clearly, deeply enjoyed the playing. She became my biggest fan.

Recently I began playing with a Celtic harp and was amazed to watch my orange tabby, Bijou go into what I can only call throes of ecstasy.   He melted. He writhed in pleasure and abandon with every stroke I played. I wasn’t even particularly good at the instrument but for him I was some kind of pleasure god.

Yes, cats love music, but make it good music. Try some of the classics. Try Bach and you won’t go wrong. But don’t eschew other quality music in any other genre, so long as the musicianship is good and the melodies harmonious.

Some of the information and the image for this post was taken from “The Life, History and Magic of The Cat”


Why Cats Prefer Moving Water (Excerpted from Darla Rewers, DVM)

Running faucets, a slow drip in the bathtub, fountains, and rain puddles are often more enticing than water in bowls. The sound and movement of running water is more attractive to cats and  easier to identify. Otherwise, some cats will pat at water in a dish or submerge their whiskers to assess where the water level is. Some cats will not drink out of dishes near their food bowls. The primary reason for this is simple. In nature, standing water is far more likely to harbor parasites and harmful bacteria than is moving water.

The CatTap Fountain - Your cats' personal, always on faucet fountain

It is very important to have enticing drinking sources for your cats. This is especially true if your cat has a substantial diet of dry food.  With the very common diagnoses of kidney failure and kidney deficiency, this becomes a very important issue. In addition, periodontal disease, obesity, diabetes, asthma, and allergies could all be potentially prevented or minimized by increasing the amount of water your cat drinks.

Many commercial plastic pet fountains exist, however handmade ceramic fountains are available, which are much more chic, green, and won’t create skin break outs in cats sensitive to plastics. Check out http://www.catfountains.etsy.com.

Relaxed Cats & Stress Management

It has been found that some cat personalities handle stress really well while those more timid cats which never seem totally relaxed freak out in stressful or challenging situations. Those which handle stress, which can take and even seek out challenging experiences are super relaxed at other, non stressful times. This would appear to be the case with this Orange Tabby.

A Relaxed Cat Seeks Excitement

Maybe that is why Bijou is so readily attracted to a spray of water. You might think that a cat would be turned away from a spray of water, preferring something a little more under control, but not so. This video is of Bijou enjoying drinking from a spray fountain. In fact, this is the cat who began the whole creation of ceramic cat fountains by showing such an avid interest in the indoor fountains I placed around my home. I don’t know yet if other cats would as readily go for such a cat drinking fountain. I have some coming up so we will soon know.