Relaxed Cats & Stress Management

It has been found that some cat personalities handle stress really well while those more timid cats which never seem totally relaxed freak out in stressful or challenging situations. Those which handle stress, which can take and even seek out challenging experiences are super relaxed at other, non stressful times. This would appear to be the case with this Orange Tabby.

A Relaxed Cat Seeks Excitement

Maybe that is why Bijou is so readily attracted to a spray of water. You might think that a cat would be turned away from a spray of water, preferring something a little more under control, but not so. This video is of Bijou enjoying drinking from a spray fountain. In fact, this is the cat who began the whole creation of ceramic cat fountains by showing such an avid interest in the indoor fountains I placed around my home. I don’t know yet if other cats would as readily go for such a cat drinking fountain. I have some coming up so we will soon know.


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