Monthly Archives: May 2012

New Fountain Design Prototype

This is the first attempt at a new fountain design using both enameled and unenameled copper, shown here in its rough form. That is, not cleaned of solder or oxidation.

Copper Fountain Prototype

It is comprised of a copper ‘flower’ that has been enameled (glass fused to metal at 1500F, soldered to a copper stem with three copper ‘leaves’ on smaller diameter stems. Water falls from the flower into the top leaf and on down into the other two and into the bowl. I will use this model, noting what to keep and what to change to make the next, in which I hope to resolve all the issues, which are primarily aesthetic as it does work well.

Future versions will have all copper with no enamel and others will have the flower and the leaves enameled to harmonize with the particular fountain bowl they will go with. This design is not likely to become a cat fountain, although people have requested the water falling from copper leaf to leaf design. We’ll see.


The Lion On Your Lap

This may not be what your cat looks like but it may well be how he feels; imperious, in-charge, confident and king.

Of course much will depend on the breed. In terms of Activity level, intelligence, playfulness, affection and a host of other important traits, cats vary enormously. Anyone who has had several different cats knows this but many of us may not be aware of the remarkable differences between breeds. When acquiring a cat it is important teo know these differences to be sure to select a cat that will fit in with your lifestyle and the environment he is to occupy. This post begins a series of posts on cat breeds and their traits, as presented in the incredibly thorough and informative Barron’s Encyclopedia of Cat Breeds and other sources, all of which will be cited appropriately.

June is Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat Month

Deciding to have a cat is a more important decision than many people realize, which is why there are so many cats in shelters, millions of which are killed annually in the United States. Their owners didn’t know what they were getting into. Nor what they were getting their new feline friend into.

You may be inclined to a pure breed kitten and think you won’t find what you are looking for in an animal shelter, but think again. Many pure-breds end up in shelters and every Spring

thousands of kittens end up there. In the ‘no-kill’ shelters they are safe but many shelters are not ‘no-kill’ and for cats and dogs incarcerated there it is not a lot different from being on death row. So if you are thinking of getting a cat, why not take a look at a few of your local shelters? You may find just what you want and end up saving the life of one desperately in need kitty.

Waiting for you at a local shelter